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Helloooo !

My name is Nicola but i prefer to be called Eve, i am only 20 years old and from Norwich. I have some amazing friends and a amazing boyfriend. I am a self confessed shopaholic and i will post about my new items on here especially if i get a bargain!

I am obsessed with instagram and pintrest. I have always enjoyed art and wished that i would of carried it on after school but recently i have started making jewellery and searching through pintrest for some inspiration and DIY ideas, again i will be posting them on here. My friend recently got me a subscription to a cake decorating magazine so i will hopefully try a few recipes in there.

Currently started a diet called celebrity slim which is basically where you have 2 replacement shakes, 2 approved snacks and 1 low carb meal. i will admit, i do get hungry, lets hope it will be worth it.  I am only a size 12 but i would like to get down to a small size 12/10. My diet is helping me learn to cook which will come in useful ;) and to any of the celebrity slim guys and girls, i will be posting some of my meal ideas.

This is the first time i have made a blog so hopefully you will all enjoy it.

Eve ♥

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