Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mua Fur Effects Nails Review

So first of all, sorry I have been away so long. Just been to lazy ! That's what Christmas does to you !

Second, it's my 21st birthday tomorrow !!!

Thirdly, it has been snowing in norwich and everyone has gone crazy because of it. City was just at a standstill and I now hate snow more than ever! Had to abandon my car and walk 5 miles to my friends because of it ! See attached picture of the snow from a window at work..

Now on to more important matters ! Has anyone tried the new MUA fur effects nails ?
I couldn't resist when MUA had a sale on their nail products. I chose the light pink nail fur effects (fluffy puff as they call it).

It is fairly easy to use, all you do is coat your nail in a similar shade of nail varnish and while it is still wet stick your nail into the fluff ! Simple huh ! After about 30 seconds brush off any excess fluff.

My first attempt wasn't bad and despite the fact that my friends hated how my nails felt , I liked them. I however did not like how easy they were to stain...I had BBQ chicken wings and well it was a huge BBQ nail disaster !

I love that it was waterproof so you can wash your hands which not much worry about it all coming off !

It is more of a sort texture, not like fur .. More along a velvety sort of texture. Hard to describe !

I might try some of the darker colours ! I love the royal blue colour and I am thinking it would probably be able to last longer if I weren't eating chicken wings ...

Attached to this post is a picture of my final result ( had to do this post via mobile app due to my laptop having issues)

What do you think ? Have you tried any other colours ? And have you had any snow ?

Eve xx
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Maybelline FITME Foundation Review

Hellloooooo! its been a while since i posted...opps! Seem to have been really busy doing a whole lot of nothing, hate it when that happens. However i did book tickets to the clothes show for next month! i am very excited! Anyway i hope you enjoy today's review.

Now i am sure most of you have seen the new FITME foundation that Maybelline has brought out, maybe some of you have tried a free sample. I love to try out new makeup products, especially foundations so when i saw this product in Wilkinsons of all places for £2.99?( i think that is how much it was, well it was cheap either way) How could i resist.

I chose the lightest shade that was there, which was shade 120. The thing that i worry the most when it comes to trying new foundations other than the fear of an orange face, is that i wont get enough coverage or it will be to thick. None of us want to be able to scrape our foundation off with our nails.. Horrible thought huh ?

Now choosing the shade is fairly easy, rather than just going into the shop and picking the lightest shade i could find and just hoping for the best ( i now need a lighter shade i think), go onto the website and it has the option to find your shade. Now the foundations come in Fair (100s) Medium (200s) and dark (300's). I am always going to be in the 100s, unless i have a little fake tan session but that doesn't happen to often anymore. The bottle is pretty simple but i like it that way and it has a pump nozzle so is a lot less messy than other liquid foundations i have used.

When applying the foundation i found that it blending in nicely and left my face with a nice glow! It didn't look to shiny which is always a good thing, nothing worse than a shiny face under the horrible lighting at work. My face didn't feel smothered as the foundation was very light on my skin.

The only thing is that the product did not last very long on my skin and i will need to reply it throughout the day but i don't always have time for that! I am tempted to try the matching powder to see if that will help. Anyone tried the powder yet ? I did break out a bit to start with as well but i think that was just due to my skin being used to a different foundation.

Overall i am very happy with the product. its a keeper for the makeup bag! Might have to get the other products to match ! Would be rude not to...

Has anyone tried any good foundations recently? Or tried this product?

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hd brow review


so today i am writing about hd brows! i recently got them done and thought this would be the perfect place for me to tell you all how much i LOVE them ! Above is the picture of the next day when i had to fill them in myself!

Now when it comes to my eyebrows, i am a giant perfectionist. Since i started penciling in my penciling my eyebrows, i have become addicted! i think they make a huge difference to you're face and can bring a look together. I do not go a day without using an eyebrow pencil. I do not understand how any one can not use one!

As much as i love how eyebrows can look, maintaing them is a chore! simple as. i hate plucking and i feel they never have a decent shape which makes it very difficult when using an eye brow pencil! So i decided to give the whole HD brow thing a try.

I will admit, i was a little scared i would end up with a mega scouse brow or end up looking like the woman out of dodge ball ( you must know the one i mean). Me and my friend book our appointments and she went first.

It took about an hour and a half for mine to be done, about an hour for my friend. The lady spoke a bit about what we would want and discussed about how dark we wanted them. I have dark hair which meant that i wanted mine fairly dark.

She had a quick measure of my eyebrows and she noticed that one of mine was a lot higher up than the other, this is from me plucking underneath loads but nothing on top! silly me!

She started the process by cleaning my hands and eyebrows then started putting on the eyebrow tint, strange feeling and looks hilarious. This continues to develop for a few days. Once all the tint had been wiped off, she began to measure my eyebrows and started to mark them so that they would end up even and she knew where to wax. This took a while due to my wonky eyebrows.

Once i was all measured up, the waxing began. Waxing never bothers me as it is over pretty quickly!
Now once the waxing was over, there was some more measuring. I am very pleased that there was lots of measuring as by this point i was very scared of my wonky brow.

Now its all a bit of a blur but i believe there was some tweezing to get the shape. Now Threading, The next step and frankly the worst.  It hurts, but it does the job. Made my eyes water! but bearable.

There was lot more measure and tweezing after that. Now once i had even eyebrows (as even as we could get) and a really good shape, it was time for the pencil to come out. This is my favorite bit!

I will fully admit when she first filled them in with the pencil they were way to big! and i was really unsure but i explained this to her and she happily changed them. I felt like such a pain! the second time they were perfect! exactly what i wanted, but maybe a little to light but thats because i like the pencil to be dark.

Here are my before and after photo's on the day.

Like i said, they were a bit to light compared to what i like usually but that was fixed in the morning !

i suggest to anyone to have these done! they are amazing !

Let me know if you have had them done before?

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Soap and glory- supercat eyeliner review

Photo: New eyeliner

Hi guys!!

So I recently have seen a few reviews on people's blogs about the soap and glory supercat carbon black extreme eyeliner pen. Most of them were good reviews on how surprised they were by the product but personally I have very mixed feelings about this product.

The first time I used it, I found it really easy to apply and as I love my eyeliner to be classic flicks, the pen style really helped. Sounds great rite ? Well the colour for me just wasn't black enough. When I see carbon black on the box i think an amazing blackest of black colour, I ended up going over it with my usual liquid eyeliner. Its just a felt tip for your eyes so i love the concept!

The colour issue with the eyeliner is a matter of personal opinion, others may find the colour perfect. Now because of how easy the pen is to use to get perfect lines and flicks, I find myself using it everyday so I would most likely end up buying it again !

Strange thing is, I still really don't know how I feel about it! Somedays I think it's useless and others I  am loving it ! I know this isn't a very useful review but all I can say is that it's probably an amazing product if you are not as fussy as me !  But for £6 I do wonder if I could find a pen that does pretty much the same for under £3 !

Maybe I should get loads together and try them all...any excuse to buy more makeup !

Has anyone else tried this ? Or even one that works better ?

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Post for a favour?

Hi all!

So as you all know, I am hoping to set up my own little jewellery shop! Well it's going well and I have a few product ready but I don't like to say they are ready until they have been tried out.

Now this is just a short post to see if anyone would be willing to try a product once I make it ? I will send it off for free of course and just ask for some feedback on the product.

Let me know if you would be interested ?

Below are some pictures of a few things I have made so far.


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Friday, 19 October 2012

OLIA Hair colour review

Hi all !

I know i said that i wouldn't be dying my hair after the last lilac disaster but when i received a update email from Garnier promoting their new hair color, i couldn't resist!
It it meant to be good for the hair as it has no ammonia in it but it also permanent. Its the first 'oil-powered' home hair colour!

I went straight to boots as soon as i had a spare moment as it is currently £5.99 so worth a go. i was so excited to get home and put the colour on. I love the excitement of changing hair colour, it may sound silly but it always makes me feel better. I chose the intense red as i had medium brown hair colour and love a nice bright colour that stands out.

Now i followed instructions applied the hair dye and it was nice to be able to sit in my room and apply a hair dye that doesn't have that strong smell that makes my eyes water. It was easy to apply and the bottle was a perfect shape. I found it didn't drip everywhere like all the other hair dyes i use do, even the mousse kind i end up getting every where. I left it on for 30 minutes as instructed.

Washed it off and had the usual issue with red where it looks like my head had been bleeding while i washed it off and im trying to make sure i don't stain the bath. Always wear gloves to avoid horrible stained hands. Not a good look!

I dried my hair awaiting the final result and i was really disappointed. Don't get me wrong, my hair was soft but the color was dull and not vibrant at all! it may have been because my hair doesn't hold colour very well but i don't think i will be using the reds in this range again! maybe the dark purple or browns would be better and i would be willing to try it again. I just think for £5.99 it was worth a go but i ended up grabbing some directions semi permanent hair colour ( review coming soon)  and redyeing my hair the next day.

I had high hopes for this product and had seen so many reviews that said how good it was but it wasn't anything like i expected it to be! The best part was that it did keep my hair soft but i think that's to do with the conditioner that comes with it.

Sorry for the bad review guys but like i said, it could of just been my hair so i would love to see if anyone uses this hair dye, specially in red and gets on well! Let me know!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dirty Works- Wake up call face wash review

I really like a good face wash as i do have skin which is very prone to break outs, all the time! Now this little gem turned up in my bathroom a few weeks ago (after mum had been to the supermarket). i was keen to try it out.

I have seen dirty works in Sainsbury's before, the packaging reminds me of soap and glory which is why i liked it and at an affordable price of £1.99 in Sainsburys at the moment. ( usually £3.99).

'Gently removes impurity's to leave your skin blissfully clean and ready to face the day'
This product made my skin feel amazing! i wear foundation and powder everyday as well as blusher so i worry how much i clog my skin up with it all. After using this, my skin felt so clean and soft and even started to get clearer after a few uses!

I recommend this face wash to everyone! its cheap, does what it says and look cute! cant go wrong.

Dirty works do lots of products which i am excited to try. Let me know if you have tried any of them.

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