Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Soap and glory- supercat eyeliner review

Photo: New eyeliner

Hi guys!!

So I recently have seen a few reviews on people's blogs about the soap and glory supercat carbon black extreme eyeliner pen. Most of them were good reviews on how surprised they were by the product but personally I have very mixed feelings about this product.

The first time I used it, I found it really easy to apply and as I love my eyeliner to be classic flicks, the pen style really helped. Sounds great rite ? Well the colour for me just wasn't black enough. When I see carbon black on the box i think an amazing blackest of black colour, I ended up going over it with my usual liquid eyeliner. Its just a felt tip for your eyes so i love the concept!

The colour issue with the eyeliner is a matter of personal opinion, others may find the colour perfect. Now because of how easy the pen is to use to get perfect lines and flicks, I find myself using it everyday so I would most likely end up buying it again !

Strange thing is, I still really don't know how I feel about it! Somedays I think it's useless and others I  am loving it ! I know this isn't a very useful review but all I can say is that it's probably an amazing product if you are not as fussy as me !  But for £6 I do wonder if I could find a pen that does pretty much the same for under £3 !

Maybe I should get loads together and try them all...any excuse to buy more makeup !

Has anyone else tried this ? Or even one that works better ?

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  1. I use this one and used to think it was really black until I started using gel liners, and now whenever I wear this I feel the same as you, it's just not black enough! xx

  2. What gel eyeliner do you have ? I am really tempted to buy some x

    1. Its the maybelline one, but the brush that comes with it is a bit pants, so I used a fineliner brush from MAC (209) :) x