Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hd brow review


so today i am writing about hd brows! i recently got them done and thought this would be the perfect place for me to tell you all how much i LOVE them ! Above is the picture of the next day when i had to fill them in myself!

Now when it comes to my eyebrows, i am a giant perfectionist. Since i started penciling in my penciling my eyebrows, i have become addicted! i think they make a huge difference to you're face and can bring a look together. I do not go a day without using an eyebrow pencil. I do not understand how any one can not use one!

As much as i love how eyebrows can look, maintaing them is a chore! simple as. i hate plucking and i feel they never have a decent shape which makes it very difficult when using an eye brow pencil! So i decided to give the whole HD brow thing a try.

I will admit, i was a little scared i would end up with a mega scouse brow or end up looking like the woman out of dodge ball ( you must know the one i mean). Me and my friend book our appointments and she went first.

It took about an hour and a half for mine to be done, about an hour for my friend. The lady spoke a bit about what we would want and discussed about how dark we wanted them. I have dark hair which meant that i wanted mine fairly dark.

She had a quick measure of my eyebrows and she noticed that one of mine was a lot higher up than the other, this is from me plucking underneath loads but nothing on top! silly me!

She started the process by cleaning my hands and eyebrows then started putting on the eyebrow tint, strange feeling and looks hilarious. This continues to develop for a few days. Once all the tint had been wiped off, she began to measure my eyebrows and started to mark them so that they would end up even and she knew where to wax. This took a while due to my wonky eyebrows.

Once i was all measured up, the waxing began. Waxing never bothers me as it is over pretty quickly!
Now once the waxing was over, there was some more measuring. I am very pleased that there was lots of measuring as by this point i was very scared of my wonky brow.

Now its all a bit of a blur but i believe there was some tweezing to get the shape. Now Threading, The next step and frankly the worst.  It hurts, but it does the job. Made my eyes water! but bearable.

There was lot more measure and tweezing after that. Now once i had even eyebrows (as even as we could get) and a really good shape, it was time for the pencil to come out. This is my favorite bit!

I will fully admit when she first filled them in with the pencil they were way to big! and i was really unsure but i explained this to her and she happily changed them. I felt like such a pain! the second time they were perfect! exactly what i wanted, but maybe a little to light but thats because i like the pencil to be dark.

Here are my before and after photo's on the day.

Like i said, they were a bit to light compared to what i like usually but that was fixed in the morning !

i suggest to anyone to have these done! they are amazing !

Let me know if you have had them done before?

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  1. Your eyebrows look amazing! Hd brows really seem worth it! :) Katherine xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Eve! What kind of pencil do you/your stylist use to shade in your eyebrows? They like nice BTW...

    2. i do them myself now, only had them done by someone else once. I just use a Rimmel Brown/black eye brow pencil and dark brown eyebrow shadow. The shadow is the best thing to have !