Monday, 12 November 2012

Maybelline FITME Foundation Review

Hellloooooo! its been a while since i posted...opps! Seem to have been really busy doing a whole lot of nothing, hate it when that happens. However i did book tickets to the clothes show for next month! i am very excited! Anyway i hope you enjoy today's review.

Now i am sure most of you have seen the new FITME foundation that Maybelline has brought out, maybe some of you have tried a free sample. I love to try out new makeup products, especially foundations so when i saw this product in Wilkinsons of all places for £2.99?( i think that is how much it was, well it was cheap either way) How could i resist.

I chose the lightest shade that was there, which was shade 120. The thing that i worry the most when it comes to trying new foundations other than the fear of an orange face, is that i wont get enough coverage or it will be to thick. None of us want to be able to scrape our foundation off with our nails.. Horrible thought huh ?

Now choosing the shade is fairly easy, rather than just going into the shop and picking the lightest shade i could find and just hoping for the best ( i now need a lighter shade i think), go onto the website and it has the option to find your shade. Now the foundations come in Fair (100s) Medium (200s) and dark (300's). I am always going to be in the 100s, unless i have a little fake tan session but that doesn't happen to often anymore. The bottle is pretty simple but i like it that way and it has a pump nozzle so is a lot less messy than other liquid foundations i have used.

When applying the foundation i found that it blending in nicely and left my face with a nice glow! It didn't look to shiny which is always a good thing, nothing worse than a shiny face under the horrible lighting at work. My face didn't feel smothered as the foundation was very light on my skin.

The only thing is that the product did not last very long on my skin and i will need to reply it throughout the day but i don't always have time for that! I am tempted to try the matching powder to see if that will help. Anyone tried the powder yet ? I did break out a bit to start with as well but i think that was just due to my skin being used to a different foundation.

Overall i am very happy with the product. its a keeper for the makeup bag! Might have to get the other products to match ! Would be rude not to...

Has anyone tried any good foundations recently? Or tried this product?

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  1. I love the shade. But you said that it does not last on the skin. I guess I have to pass on this one for I don't like applying again and again. I admit I'm a little bit lazy with regards to this.