Sunday, 12 August 2012

Everything has to begin somewhere.....

This is my first ever blog so it may not be perfect! But bare with me, im sure it will improve ( a girl can dream right)

i wanted to create a blog because well it looked fun! I like to make jewellery, bake and i am attempting some other crafty bits and bobs. Recently brought a Smash book so once i start doing that it will be included on here!.

I will soon practice on a sewing machine to update some of my wardrobe but to start with i guess i will talk about the diet i am on....

 I am on a diet called celebrity slim. Counting today as the first day because i got very distracted by chocolate when i tried before.....

The diet consists of 2 meal replacement shakes, 3 snacks and one main meal.

Had a cs chocolate shake mixed with a spoonful of coffee for breakfast and a banana one for lunch1 They taste a little like cardboard but could be worse! i did try the slim fast ones so i know how much worse they can be!

My snacks so far today are very boring. One babybel and sliced cucumber.

I have struggled with ideas for low carb meal but have started to feel alot more inspired today ! I made my own spicy cottage pie with broccoli and cauliflower mash! Had some left over to freeze for another day and some mince to make stuffed peppers tomorrow!

It tastes better than it looks!

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