Monday, 17 September 2012

E.L.F Makeup


I love a good bargain! and I love makeup just as much ! Now i have seen people mention Elf products on their own blogs and seen mixed reviews, so decided to have a look myself! I signed up to the news letter as they constantly have deals on, whether its just £1 shipping some weekends to the  goodie bag worth £11 that i got :) Elf seems to have its own basic brand of makeup, then a little bit more expensive versions called studio or minerals. Above are my goodies that came through !

The more basic elf products if i am honest are in very cheap packaging with writing that ends up rubbing off! but for the price, i wouldn't expect more! The free Studio and mineral stuff i got in a goodie bag is a bit more expensive but the packaging is alot nicer. I will write a little review on the products i have used.

Lipstick & Lip Stain
I brought two lipsticks in colours Gypsy (Right) and Fantasy (Left). These lipsticks give good coverage but do not give the best moisturizing look to your lips. For £1.50 you cant really get much better for that price. The lip stain is okay, i am not sure i have ever liked the idea of a lip stain. its to light on my lips but long lasting colour, the colour looks darker than it is when you put it on.

Powder and BlusherClarifying Pressed Powder colour apricot Beige. This powder is meant to help clear skin and i haven't recently noticed if it has or not but i am the sort of person who cant go a day without foundation! But if you are okay with not wearing foundation then i would suggest giving this a go! see if it works and again its only £1.50. The blusher is a perfect colour for me as i love the subtle pink but i think the brush that they provide is just to small but i planned on using my own anyway. The blusher i chose is in the colour Shy. This is £2.50 but i would defiantly keep buying this!

MascaraWhen it comes to mascara, the bigger the brush the better, well that's what i believed anyway! I decided to move away and go for a smaller one. I really liked this mascara, it was to clumpy and separated my lashes perfectly which creates an amazing day time look! i think i will be sticking to my bigger wands for an evening look though ! i use this every day and i will carry on using it everyday! £1.50! yes there is a pattern!

Liquid Eyeliner
I dont think you can go to wrong with liquid eyeliner. It had a nice thin brush on which helps me create my usually eyeliner flicks but with more detail. The only thing i found annoying is that if i tried to curl my eyelash after putting it on then it would take some of it off. Other than that i liked the product. £1.50 and comes in various colours! i chose a traditional black.

Studio Eyeshadow and Studio Eyeliner & Shadow StickThese were two of the items i got in my goodie bag. I am not sure on the items as they are not my colour. i like the idea of the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick if it was in a black colour that you can get other than this pearl colour i got £3.75 might be worth trying it. I have not touched the eye shadow as i have wore a colour like it before but maybe i will try it on a daring day! There are some really nice colours though, again £3.75.

Moisturising Lip Tint Spf 8
I got this in the goodie bag and well this is my favorite! I have it in berry. It gives the right amount of colour and i have dry lips so helps prevent this! i will be buying more of these and if i can one in every colour! the lighter colors can be used as a moisturising lip balm or base colour. £3.50 and completely worth it!!  Best buy!

My overall view on E.L.F products is that they are worth the money and its always worth giving them a try!

I will hopefully getting more the Lip tints and try the nail varnish !

Let me know what you think of the products or if you know of any good bargains yourself!

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  1. I think Elf products are so great for the money. I especially love their mascaras; I have the lengthening one and it's so amazing. I definitely want to try their liquid eyeliner though; great post!


  2. Yeah the liquid eyeliner is really good! i have seen alot about mua makeup aswell, which apprently is cheap. going to check them out next!



  3. I have nominated you in the Liebster Blofg Award, lovely! I love your blog and you can find the link right here:

    Mia x

  4. AWW thank you Mia ! you have made my day :D I will get it on it when i get home from work! very excited! :D

    Eve x