Saturday, 18 August 2012

It's the weekend !

So it's finally the weekend! I have had a pretty boring last few days due to being so tired once I got back from work!

I have been taking full advantage of the amazing weather we have having today by sunbathing in the garden and drinking beer ! I will admit the diet is out of the window slightly today ! But in my defence we rarely have any days like this so I want to make the most of it ! Couple of friends coming round for a BBQ ! Got to wear my new top ! I can't complain !

Just a quick catch up of my last few days.. I slept, I lazed about, I went to work and then went back to sleep again ! I didn't feel very hungry on Thursday so just had soup ! Friday however I made chicken with fajita spice,peas and garlic cauliflower mash !
I love garlic mash and the cauliflower mash was an awesome alternative ! Just needed crushed garlic and some low fat natural yoghurt and the patience to mash cauliflower with a fork (my masher has broken).

I made some pepper and Turkey skewers today and also made some salad ! So I am attempting to be sort of healthy ;)

I attempted to make some more flowers out of clay but unfortunately due to the heat I just couldn't focus ! I am looking into sewing Aswell! To many things I want to do at once !

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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