Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pizza time!

Feeling a lot better today thank goodness! Just wish the stupid insects would stop coming into my room
Uninvited ! It has led to me staying at the boyfriends with the fan on as I don't have one and I'm scared to open the window!

Note to self, buy a fan....

Today has been a very boring day and I started to feel less diet focused ! Not a good place to get to. When pay day comes I am going to have to go
On a mega carb free shopping spree in search for some lovely meal ideas Aswell as snacks! Cause i love to snack !

Shakes are as easy peasy as always! My favourite part of the diet !

Today's meal was chicken pizza. I cooked 2 chicken breasts, cut them in half and then added tomato purée with peppers and cheese ! Trial and error but turned out better than I thought it would !

I am going to try make some more things with my clay tomorrow ! Maybe some bracelets or something... We will see how inspired I feel in the morning!

I would like the weekend to be here now tho ! 2 days left to work!.... Now I need to sleep!

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