Monday, 10 September 2012

My favorite hair care products (best for dry,damaged hair)

Due to many hair dying disasters, as you can imagine my hair can get very dry,damaged and just one big unmanageable mess! Now if my hair does not go the way i want, the rest of the day is a disaster. Yes i know it seems like i am over reacting but i'm sure that you have all had them days where you just feel .. well... bleugh? Yes bleugh! Now due to me having many hair disasters, i am always on the search for new hair products that just help me get through the week ! Above are just a few of my favorites ! oh and obviously a good hair trim always help them extra frazzled bits!

I know that people always suggest egg yolk or mayonnaise but if i am completely honest, i can not stand mayonnaise and i pretty much freak out when it gets on me from trying to grab different jars from the fridge. The last thing i am going to do it have to slather it on my hair! its just not going to happen! nu uh! no way!

When it comes to shampoo, if i am completely honest i am not to bother with the make! i truly believe its all to do with the conditioner, although if you do have coloured hair then i think its best to get products that wont strip the colour as quick.

Tresemme Salon Style ConditionerI believe this stuff works miracles! i have never found a conditioner that can make my hair feel so soft. I have ridiculously dry hair compared to my lovely soft hair i once had ! stupid hair dye addiction! Don't expect instant results first wash but give it a week or so and i think you will notice a difference. I tend to wash my hair with shampoo then once rinsed out give my hair a good squeeze to get most the water out and comb a large amount of conditioner through. Leave it on until the last minute, for best results you can leave it on for 10-20 minutes if you have the time.

Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance ( leave in conditioner )I am a conditioner junkie! with a fear that my hair my fall out! nothing worse than brushing knotty hair! brings back childhood memory's of my mum brushing my hair as much as i enjoyed singing when the hairdryer was on. It just sprays on, section hair if that helps and then brush through. Simple as that! i think it helps alot to! or maybe i have just got the illusion that it does? either way, i am one happy customer!

Batiste Dry ShampooI don't think i know many people who haven't tried dry shampoo! It is pretty much the best invention ever
(well in my hair care eyes. ) i don't like washing my hair every day! it just leaves it feeling oily a lot sooner! i find dry shampoo gives your hair instant volume and just makes it so much easier to style! overall just an amazing product! so many different types to choose from as well. Smells nice which is always one big bonus!

These three things can all be found in local supermarkets and drugstores ect ! Easy Peasy

Anti Frizz Olive Oil Glossing PolisherThis item is from sallys, a friend from work told me about it. Its a good product but don't apply to much ! i just apply a small bit on the ends of my hair at night and if i am honest it does seem to work. This is a great item to use if you have hair extensions! i used to have microloop hair extensions and this helped keep them nice a silky smooth !

Like i said above, i love to try new hair products so let me know of any that you have found to work well!

Hope you all enjoyed my first hair care post.

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  1. Nice blog - I have never heard of that Olive oil thing, will have to test it out :)

    I have just started blogging myself, it would be great to get some feedback x

  2. Hey, yeah its good stuff as long as you dont put to much over your hair!

    I have noted down your blog address for me to check out! im sure you will have a new follower very soon! ;)