Sunday, 9 September 2012

Feeling crafty!

Hey guys! hope you are all well! we have been having some amazing weather this weekend and amazing weather always puts me in a crafty mood! Earlier on in the week i decided to make some beads out of sculpey clay and i was fairly happy with how they turned out, they are not perfect but that's what i like about them.

I sat down yesterday thinking of what i could make, do i want to make a bracelet or necklace.. after a while my head began to hurt so i just went for it and hoped for the best. I decided on a necklace as you can see above. i apologize for the picture quality but hopefully will get a decent camera soon so that i dont have to use my phone!

All you need to make this is :
  • Polymer clay beads (make some at home) 
  • Bead ends  
  • Chain 
  • Wire or Elastic  
  • Jump rings 
  • Lobster clasp 
  • Pliers
  1. Thread the beads and bead ends on to the wire or elastic ( i chose wire as it was all i had in my craft box at the time)
  2. Once you have got all the beads in the order, hook the end of the wires using your pliers ready to attach to the chain.
  3. Measure the chain to the length that is desired in two parts for each side
  4. Add a jump ring to both bits of chain
  5. Add lobster clasp to one of the bits of chains
  6. Now you can attach your wire of beads to the chains.
  7. Once you have hooked each side onto your chain, close the hook by twisting it with some pliers to make sure its secure.
Try the necklace on! and send me your pictures of them! i would love to see how they turn out! :D

TIP: if you have any old jewellery around then try taking it apart! you never know what you can use again! the beads were the only new things i used on this necklace as i had the rest all from old jewellery.
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  1. Wowww, impressive! This has inspired me to try some jewellery DIY :) x

    1. thanks! that means alot! :D Let me know how you get on

      Eve x