Friday, 31 August 2012

i love a good bargain!

So as i have said before, i am a shopaholic! i can not stop myself from buying new clothes. The amount of money i spend each month on clothing is ridiculous but like i said i cant help myself! when i have a clear out i will give my clothing to a charity shop so i decided to have a look around some when i went to Sheringham.

I had an amazing day apart from the rain,  I love over sized grandad style jumpers and i managed to find one for £3 in the first charity shop i went in! its a slight mustard/brown colour and fitted perfectly and it didn't leave a huge hole on my bank account! i also got some earrings for 50p! Charity shops are always worth having a look in because you don't know what you will find, there is nothing wrong with the clothes i give away apart from i don't wear them anymore. 'One man's rubbish is another man's treasure'.

I also had a quick look through asda at the clothing while i was in there, i found the cutest bunny jumper! my boyfriend persuaded me to get it because the glasses were similar to mine ( this is a good enough reason for me to buy something new). it was £12 which isn't a lot and totally worth it!

It seems like link style necklaces are in at the moment, so when i stumbled upon one in a British heart foundation shop, i could not resist. Its originally from accessorize and i got it got £3 instead of the £7 it was and i knew the money goes to a good cause.

i was thinking i might try make my own ? let me know what you think!?

Overall i have got new items and spend fraction of the money i could of! this equals one happy Eve.

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  1. thanks for following me. Charity shops are the best! x

    1. its ok :) i loved reading your blog! I love charity shops at the moment!


      p.s thanks for following me to ! x

  2. I saw this jumper in ASDA and was so tempted... you got a good haul in there :)